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Dover Operating Corporation (Dover OPCO), an Alberta company that is a joint venture between PetroChina International Investment Company Ltd. and Athabasca Oil Sands Corp., is planning to develop the Dover Commercial Project (the Project). The Project is located within the core Traditional Territory of the Community of Fort McKay, approximately 42 km west from the Community, approximately 8 km south of Fort McKay’s seasonal community on Moose (Gardiner) Lake (which is partially located within reserve Namur River #174A) and adjacent to Fort McKay First Nation’s Namur (Buffalo) Lake Reserve (#174B). The Project will use steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technology and will be constructed in phases to reach a design capacity of approximately 39,747 m3/d (approximately 250,000 barrels per day) of bitumen production. The Project will extract an estimated 636 million m3 (4 billion barrels) of bitumen over its estimated 50 years of operation. The main objectives of this Overview‐level Traditional Land Use Study (Overview TLUS) are to document site‐specific and non‐site‐specific traditional use values, to map site‐specific locations, to document potential Project‐related impacts, and where feasible, and drawing upon the results of the recent Fort McKay Specific Assessment (FMSA), assess Project‐effects and recommend appropriate mitigation measures. This report is based on interviews with five Community members, one day of ground‐truthing activities by helicopter, and one community‐based verification workshop conducted with a focus group of Elders and knowledgeable Community members.