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Terrestrial Thresholds Project

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The aboriginal community of Fort McKay is situated in the centre of Alberta's Athabasca oil sands development. As industrial activities increase in Fort McKay’s traditional territory, there is a need for the community to develop a clear understanding of the wide range of benefits and liabilities associated with cumulative land-use decisions in their territory, and an approach to setting community objectives for sustainable ecological and socio-economic conditions. The objective of this project is to provide community members and their leadership with defensible, transparent and science-based information on the current and projected future states of the environment in the community’s traditional territory. The project approach involves supporting the community of Fort McKay in shaping land-use strategies for their traditional territory, through:

1. Community-led selection of environmental, social, and economic indicators, and application of land-use and ecological simulation modelling to generate information on the states of these indicators in pre-development, current, and probable future conditions; and

2. Community identification of objectives with respect to selected indicators, and community-led development of management and mitigation strategies to achieve these objectives.